Social Media Club Detroit EDU Podcasts

The Social Media Club Detroit (SMCD) has teamed up with Mac-OU INC once again for another year of exciting interactive monthly seminars for local small-business owners. This year, they are going back to basics with many introductory classes on topics such as YouTube, search engine optimization and LinkedIn. There’s even a “Blogging for Business 101″ seminar on May 20, in which we hope to gain new ideas to spruce up this relatively new blog!

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Buying or Selling a Business: A Checklist

Witzke Berry Carter & Wander has been a strong supporter of Mac-OU INC for quite some time now, and John Carter’s Lunch & Launches are always great informational vehicles for attendees. With John unable to present yesterday, Andy Goldberg stepped up to the plate, with positive feedback from all attendees. If you missed it, check out some additional information below, courtesy of John Carter. – Joan Carleton, Marketing & Communications Manager, Macomb-OU INCubator

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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Business in Michigan

5. Talented Workforce

Detroit’s reputation as the motor city wasn’t only built by the great minds of the industry’s founders but also by the hands of its unmatched workforce.  In fact, Michigan is ranked first in the amount of manufacturing jobs created in 2013, and it has the fourth largest “high-tech” workforce. (National Association of Manufacturers, 2013)

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Entrepreneurs: It’s Time to Set Those Goals!

Happy New Year!

Entrepreneurs should constantly be setting new and improved goals for themselves, and this happens to be just the time of year to start. But we all know that New Year’s resolutions are very easy to make, but the follow through is a lot more difficult. (How is that new gym membership working out for you?)

To help out, I’ve compiled a list of the best New Year’s resolution-setting online articles. The overarching, reoccurring theme is that resolutions should be small and bite size; none of those Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals that business coaches like us to make. BHAG’s are important for the big picture, but entirely unrealistic when working to change day-to-day habits.

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Defining Success

It was finals week at Oakland University. The bitter-sweet time that means a break is around the corner, at the expense of the most work I will do all year. I was enjoying another average evening, sitting through my three-hour night class, trying to fight off the urge to fall asleep as I had been up studying the night before. The professor told us that at the halfway mark, professors from the entrepreneurship minor would be speaking to us about the program. This happens all of the time; teachers come in, hand out some fliers and basically advertise new classes.

At the halfway mark, a familiar face walked in. It was Wayne Blizman of the Mac-OU INC staff! Wayne explained what his class next semester would entail and encouraged everyone to take it. When he was finished, he introduced his colleague as Dr. Mark Simon, the head of the entrepreneurship minor. Dr. Simon told us we were having a pop quiz in which he would give us three business scenarios and we would have to pick the most successful.

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