Conferences All Startups Should Attend – Starting with Techweek!

This week marks the start of the second annual Techweek Detroit. Techweek’s mission is to build a better world through tech entrepreneurship. This mission is brought to different cities across the nation with an event series that spans over seven days, including a technology and innovation conference. The series takes place in Downtown Detroit starting on April 13th and ending with the Techweek conference and expo on Thursday and Friday, April 16th and 17th, at Ford Field.

Photo Credit: Techweek

The conference and expo on Thursday and Friday will be packed with a variety of events. This includes the Techweek Expo showcasing the newest products with live demos and giveaways, workshops and sessions, speakers, the LAUNCH startup competition, Techweek Hiring Fair, Entrepreneurship Summit, Fashion & Wearables Runway Show, and much more!

This is the second year that Mac-OU INC has been a media sponsor for Techweek Detroit. We see the great value that conferences provide to entrepreneurs and we hope to see more entrepreneurs getting involved!

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Mac-OU INC Seeking IT Talent!

Are you an Oakland University student seeking an internship? Are you looking for more than just grabbing coffee and making copies? Are you driven and passionate? Then the Macomb-OU INCubator is the perfect place to complete an internship!

The Macomb-OU INCubator hires information technology interns and marketing and communications interns. Interns are given independent responsibilities and must complete projects, from start to finish, with guidance to have a direct impact on the incubator’s mission. Students at Mac-OU INC have the opportunity to learn from working professionals and see firsthand how a business operates.

The Macomb-OU INCubator is seeking an information technology intern for summer 2015!

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What’s Trending? Video Marketing.

If you’ve been scrolling through your Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram recently, then it’s clear that there has been a shift in the content you’re seeing. You are more than likely noticing a lot more videos popping up. These videos are even starting to play without your consent on some social media platforms. Videos are taking over the web and social media is playing a huge factor in changing the ways of marketing.B_wDOkaUIAAdlaw

YouTube used to be the number one place to go if you want to watch a video, whether it be informational or entertaining. Now we’re seeing YouTube used as a host for videos. Web users are actually finding and viewing videos through the social media platforms they are shared on. Facebook has even allowed for users to skip YouTube all together and post their videos right on Facebook.

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Apply for Small Business Awards and Earn Credibility


The Macomb-OU INCubator wins Corp! Magazine Technology Award

The Macomb-OU INCubator recently took home a technology award from the 2015 Corp! Magazine DiSciTech Awards. This award exemplified how Mac-OU INC helps small businesses grow by creating customized success strategies for startup and emerging companies in the niche industries of defense, homeland security, advanced manufacturing and technology.

We’re so grateful to have been honored with a technology award from Corp! Magazine.  This award recognized our support of small businesses and we couldn’t be more proud!

Winning an award is always gratifying, but the credibility a company earns in respect to the award is even more important. Small businesses should pay special attention to this aspect of awards. There is no question that it is difficult to launch a business, become recognized and prove a business’s worth. Awards, especially those focused in a business’s industry, can ease up those difficulties.

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Startups Attract the Fresh Minds of Graduates

Students are polishing up the final touches on their resumes, piecing together their portfolios, completing their due diligence of potential employers, and picking out the perfect professional wear to dress to impress. That’s right, it’s Oakland University’s career fair this week. As a soon-to-be graduate, I’m part of the thousands of students beginning a (hopefully not long) job search.

It’s not just students who are seeking the perfect company to jump on board with. The nerves can run high in boss world, too. Employers are preparing to search for suitable candidates to join their companies. They want the best candidates to apply for a position with their company or at least stop by their career fair table.

Some may think that startups have a bigger problem finding employees than the corporate world does. Startups may not be as well known to career seekers, nor be able to offer the highest pay wage and fabulous benefits that large companies can.

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