Entrepreneurs: It’s Time to Set Those Goals!

Happy New Year!

Entrepreneurs should constantly be setting new and improved goals for themselves, and this happens to be just the time of year to start. But we all know that New Year’s resolutions are very easy to make, but the follow through is a lot more difficult. (How is that new gym membership working out for you?)

To help out, I’ve compiled a list of the best New Year’s resolution-setting online articles. The overarching, reoccurring theme is that resolutions should be small and bite size; none of those Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals that business coaches like us to make. BHAG’s are important for the big picture, but entirely unrealistic when working to change day-to-day habits.

Other common themes include allowing time outside of entrepreneurial endeavors, such as slowing down and carving out personal time; recognizing achievements; leaving work at the office when at home; carving out personal time; and trusting employees to get their job done.

10 Tips on How to Be a Better Entrepreneur in 2014entrepreneur.com
Not all of these I would personally suggest, though take note of number 10. Taking an improvisation class is a rare suggestion. Just think of the many ways it can help you be more comfortable and natural at networking events or when pitching to investors. On the flip side, number two, blending work and personal life, seems to be the exact opposite of the other articles. Perhaps this works for this entrepreneur, though most strongly suggest separating the two as much as possible.

Forget Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead.entrepreneur.com
Goals pretty much set you up for failure, as they usually don’t include how to obtain said goal. How about setting up systems instead? Or, a personal suggestion, check out “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg. A fascinating read that truly helped me master good habits and get rid of the bad.

Make 2014 the Year You Reach for Your Goalsentrepreneur.com
This is the year to stop observing and start doing. An evening of Netflix may seem like a good idea at the time, but it’s doing nothing for you. So, get rid of it!

Nine New Year’s Resolutions for Stressed-Out Entrepreneursentrepreneur.com
To properly balance your business and personal worlds, commit fully to each. . . and most important, be okay with that.

New Year’s Resolutions from 10 Young Entrepreneursentrepreneur.com
Balance is so important, whether that includes looking at your phone less, making more time for hobbies outside of work, or being present as opposed to multi-tasking.

Social Entrepreneurs: New Year Resolutions for 2014theguardian.com
It is interesting to note the differences between social entrepreneur’s resolutions as opposed to technology entrepreneurs. Why do you think this is?

Smart Entrepreneurs Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions – They Do This Insteadforbes.com
Discover a three-step formula for goal setting, including choosing a few powerful words to focus on.

7 New Year’s Resolutions for Entrepreneursinc.com
This article flips the typical personal resolutions into entrepreneurial goals. For example, ‘lose excess weight’ by means of letting go of problem customers causing customer service headaches, as well as problem employees.

8 New Year’s Resolutions Every Ecommerce Entrepreneur Should Makeshopify.com
Included are tips for standing out from the crowd.

Six New Year’s Resolutions for Entrepreneursbusinessnewsdaily.com
These tips center on looking at other people, such as employees, board members, the management team, investors and other key stakeholders, and people who helped along the way.

22 Essential New Year’s Resolutions for Entrepreneurs, From Entrepreneurstech.co
My favorite on this list has to be number 22, “to-do, tomorrow.” Having others hold you accountable is a key to success. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurs: It’s Time to Set Those Goals!

  1. NBDC Lincoln says:

    This is a great list of articles! We are always on Entrepreneur getting advice we can give our clients. New year, new goals!

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