Startups Attract the Fresh Minds of Graduates

Students are polishing up the final touches on their resumes, piecing together their portfolios, completing their due diligence of potential employers, and picking out the perfect professional wear to dress to impress. That’s right, it’s Oakland University’s career fair this week. As a soon-to-be graduate, I’m part of the thousands of students beginning a (hopefully not long) job search.

It’s not just students who are seeking the perfect company to jump on board with. The nerves can run high in boss world, too. Employers are preparing to search for suitable candidates to join their companies. They want the best candidates to apply for a position with their company or at least stop by their career fair table.

Some may think that startups have a bigger problem finding employees than the corporate world does. Startups may not be as well known to career seekers, nor be able to offer the highest pay wage and fabulous benefits that large companies can.

Contrary to the above, I’ve noticed (as well as many others) career seekers are now looking away from the large companies. Recent graduates with a fresh mind and a new outlook can see the benefits of working for a startup.

  • You have an impact. At a startup, you have greater responsibilities than those working for a large corporation. Therefore, you have a visible impact on the company’s success. Instead of taking instructions, you are part of the decision-making process.
  • Ideal work environment. You’re more than just an employee, hidden within a department, of a company. At a startup, you are a face of the company. You work with each employee as a small team. Fresh ideas are always welcomed in a startup companies.
  • Fulfillment. There is a greater sense of appreciation for those working at startups. You take on personal challenges. Knowing that you directly made decisions to cause company growth makes your career satisfying.

Corporate jobs are not out of the picture but I think it’s safe to say that the little guys are giving them some competition. Popular news sites agree:

TechCrunch – 5 Reasons You Should Work For a Startup At Least Once

Fast Company – 8 Reasons to Choose a Startup Over a Corporate Job

The Guardian – Four Reasons Graduates Should Consider Working for a Tech Startup

Forbes – 3 Reasons a Startup is Still the Best Place to Work

The sense of personal satisfaction at startups may be enough to outweigh the 9-5 routine at corporate jobs for some.

Andrea LaBudie
Marketing & Communications Intern
Macomb-OU INCubator

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