What’s Trending? Video Marketing.

If you’ve been scrolling through your Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram recently, then it’s clear that there has been a shift in the content you’re seeing. You are more than likely noticing a lot more videos popping up. These videos are even starting to play without your consent on some social media platforms. Videos are taking over the web and social media is playing a huge factor in changing the ways of marketing.B_wDOkaUIAAdlaw

YouTube used to be the number one place to go if you want to watch a video, whether it be informational or entertaining. Now we’re seeing YouTube used as a host for videos. Web users are actually finding and viewing videos through the social media platforms they are shared on. Facebook has even allowed for users to skip YouTube all together and post their videos right on Facebook.

This is because videos are adding another level of social experience to social media users. Videos give a personality to the user. Viewers can now hear and see someone speaking, rather than reading a black and white status. In addition, videos are more visually appealing to the viewers than a written status. With that being said, videos can capture a message with greater impact than a status or even a picture can.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders are encouraged to jump on board with this new trend. Videos have proven to be an effective medium to tell a message and can live long on the internet. Videos are not only trending on social media but are now used in grant applications, award applications, and much more.

Need an idea? We find that the entrepreneurial content that best transfers into video stories are brief histories of businesses, product or service explanations, introductions to a company’s team, testimonials, and success stories.

Here are a few production tips to know before you get started:

  • Deliver a clear, narrow message.
  • Pick a genre (uplifting, humorous, informative, etc.).
  • Write a script and storyboard.
  • Tell a story.
  • Catch the viewers’ eye.
  • Keep it simple, short and sweet.
  • Bonus tip: Pick a simple video software to get create your first video, like MAGIX Movie Edit Pro.

The game of marketing has been changed in an era full of videos. Not only is digital marketing more effective than ever it, but it is more difficult. Just remember that a video lasts a lifetime, so have fun with it!

Andrea LaBudie
Marketing & Communications Intern
Macomb-OU INCubator

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