Building a Strong Company Culture

Recently, there has been a lot of focus on building a strong company culture. What does that mean, though? Simply put, it is the personality of your company through the sharing of common values and attitudes. “How does this help my company?” you might ask. Fostering a strong company culture can benefit your company in a number of ways:

  1. Worker productivity
  2. Retention of employees
  3. Company reputation
  4. Quality products and services

A great example of this is Google. Google has a great reputation for having one of the best company cultures in the world. They are very open to employee’s sharing thoughts and opinions. They also design their offices to allow for collaboration and interaction between employees. This allows for the free flow of information and fosters innovation in the company. They are also able to retain the best and brightest people because they keep their employees happy through perks like free restaurants and on-site gyms. By keeping their employees happy, Google motivates their employees to become more loyal and productive.

I’m assuming this is your next question: How do you build a strong company culture? It’s not going to be changed overnight, but here are a few ways that you can work towards building one:

  1. Surround yourself with a team that shares your vision
    1. Helps to create consistency and quality
  2. Act as a team
    1. Work together to solve problems
    2. Meet for non-work related activities
  3. Be open to new ideas
    1. Makes change easier
  4. Communicate your values inside and outside of your company
  5. Reward your employees
    1. Raises, bonuses, extra vacation days, buying them lunch, etc…

You don’t have to build a gym and spa inside your office to have a great company culture. By following these five steps, you should start to see a huge improvement.

Ryan Rinke
Marketing and Communications Intern
Macomb-OU INCubator

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