Small Business Accounting

Why are businesses in business? They’re in business to make money. Every last one of them. Nothing happens without money. Money comes in. Money goes out. Some of it hangs around as assets and profits. Somebody’s got to keep an eye on all that money. The Finance and Accounting departments play that role. Some of their functions and tools follow:

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The Three Focuses for Listening

Improving listening skills is the first step in improving overall communication. Listening is an essential part of the overall communication process.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, listening is to “give one’s attention to a sound.” In the business world, this sound is the voice of others. Fundamentally, listening is about receiving data, information, knowledge, and wisdom from another. Everything we do must be intended to enable the full, accurate, and complete reception of the message(s) being sent.

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Keeping your Startup Aligned with your Values

What are the values of the organization? Can those outside (or inside) the organization tell
what your values are? Can they watch how the members of the organization behave and infer the values?

Values are the filters through which decisions are run. Values are cultural norms that describe the basis for acceptable behavior. With repetition, recognition and reward, and reinforcement, values form practical habits that form observable behavior (Pearce, 2005). Continue reading