Business Advisory Services

Mac-OU Inc’s Business Advisory Services are made possible by the dozens of volunteers dedicated to assisting the small business community of Southeast Michigan. Volunteers consist of well-rounded senior executives from a broad section of industries, with the expertise needed to assist a client company in identifying and addressing specific business issues and opportunities. These subject-matter-expert in their respective fields are selected for service needs based on each client company focus, objectives and plans for growth. Volunteers provide advice and counsel; they have no direct fiduciary, management, governance or financial responsibility for a client company.

Program Components


Business Advisory Board (BAB):

Each client company will be evaluated to determine if a BAB is the optimum method for growth assistance. BAB’s typically consist of three to eight volunteers and one chairperson, depending on the client’s needs. Once the client’s needs are assessed and identified, our staff contacts volunteers to create a dedicated BAB that meets on a consistent basis. Typically, a BAB lasts for a two to three year period, although shorter durations often occur depending on the situation surrounding a specific client company. BAB volunteers’ primary responsibilities include attending three to four meetings per year, either on-site or via teleconferencing, which adhere to specific agenda topics and last for approximately two hours; signing a non-disclosure agreement to protect proprietary and confidential information; counseling in areas of expertise and providing relevant and constructive advice and recommendations to the client company; assisting in connecting the client company to key resources within the region and community; and coordinating feedback and recommendations with the BAB Chair or Mac-OU Inc staff.

Business Advisory Mentors (BAM):

For client companies needing one-on-one assistance, there is the option to select a Business Advisory Mentor. This strategically-selected volunteer will provide consistent mentoring over a three-month period, working with the client company to establish and review milestones.

For more information on the Business Advisory Services program or to apply to be a BAB member, please contact Mac-OU Inc at