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Lots happening in life at the moment, all good fortunately. Been fairly disconnected from this among other things, enjoyed lurking for a while. As always, I appreciate all the messages, reblogs, naughty comments, etc. Glad that someone enjoys the stuff. Since before we even knew what this was..

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Zander's AB/DL Captions

Many bimbo girls love the colour pink. It has long been associated with femininity and prettiness. It really marks a girl out as being a silly thing. Pink bimbos tend to be soft and sweet and very girly. They love to be pampered and teased in public … but degraded and used hard in private.

abdl captions

Had a bit of an art block this month, and couldnt get anything to look right. So I used an exercise to design a new Mascot Character. Often only having junk food, as a main stay in her diet.
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