Accident during sex

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Sex is chock-full of health benefits like stress relief and incontinence prevention , but even small missteps can result in serious injury. In addition to commonly cited sex injuries like broken penises and falls in the shower, a handful of more obscure sex accidents have occurred and prove sex can be, well, complicated. From spicy food that burned a woman's genitals to a wedding ring caught on a man's penis, these are some of the weirdest sex injuries in history and the medical explanations behind them. Spicy food lovers, beware: eating flavorful foods like hot peppers could result in unwanted pain during sex. That was the case for one woman, who reported a burning sensation in her genital area after she received oral sex.

Six painful and bizarre sex accidents that have happened to real people

Here are 5 bizarre accidents that took place during sex - IBTimes India

Ah, the French. They have such a … cosmopolitan attitude towards sex. How tawdry! How titillating! And I am particularly amused by the repeated emphasis on the fact that the sex was with a total or complete stranger. Would it have made a difference if he died while having sex with his wife or mistress? Well, the French court disagreed.

Here are 5 bizarre accidents that took place during sex

The employer completed the usual formalities by informing the social security authorities of the death and the circumstances. The social security authorities decided to treat the death as being work-related, which was contested by the employer. It also had the effect of increasing the rate of the contribution to the work-related accident compensation which must be paid by the employer. Although the decision may look surprising, it results from the very wide definition of what constitutes a work-related accident.
Sexual intercourse can be very enjoyable as well as healthy. However, it can also be very risky. In the incessant exploration of sexuality, accidents can undoubtedly happen.