Amateur radio antenna tower

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First, we should note the difference between antennas, masts and towers. A mast or tower is simply the thing that holds the antenna up off the ground. Masts are usually metal, but under unusual circumstances they might be made of wood or other substances. In FM broadcast, the antenna is usually mounted to the mast near the top. A mast is generally a single piece of pipe, while a tower is a set of interlocking pipes typically in a triangular configuration which can be much taller.

Hang 'em High: Options for antennas, masts and towers

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There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Amateur radio operators and citizen band enthusiasts know that the antenna is as critical to their radio station as their transceiver. A tower increases the height of radio antennas, TV units also, enabling them to send signals much farther. Any amateur radio operator tells you that you can never have too many antennas. There are many different types mounted on cars, on buildings, in trees, and often, on towers. Each type of antenna has a specific purpose depending on the frequencies the operator wishes to use it.

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Take a look. Our pump up masts, winch up masts and push up masts are commonly used by amateur radio enthusiasts as they are easy to transport and deploy and are a cost effective solution. The portable masts can easily support a wide range of commonly used directional and Omni directional antennas such as the dipole, yagi, spider beam and other types of beam antenna. A firm favourite for amateur radio users is the yaesu rotator for directional antenna alignment.
When you do your homework properly, the tower will give you many decades of safe and reliable service. Notice I do not have a beam on top. I just use it as one of the supports for my Carolina Windom 80 and for my meter inverted-L. Not visible on the photo is my 2 meter vertical antenna sitting on top of the tower.