Amateur surgeon christmas edition walk through

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It's one of Santa's magic flying dogs,or sheep,or whatever. The poor guy's been sucked into and spat out of a jet engine and, well Its not pretty. The head-bone's connected to the prop-shaft, the backbone's connected to the ceiling and I don't know where the purple stringy bits are supposed to go,but I'm pretty sure it's not across the walls.

Mincer the Reindeer

Alan Probe: Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition Guide and Walkthrough - Giant Bomb

He acts as the deutaragonist for Alan Probe. Generic was tending to his duties until Alan had crashed into Santa's workshop with his jet, injuring the unlucky elf. Upon healing Generic, he is quick to berate Alan for his screw-ups. However, after seeing Alan fix up Mincer the Reindeer , he brings Alan along with him in order to find and heal Santa Claus.

Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition

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Update: 3rd and final chapter now available to play! Warning: This game features excessive cartoon violence, adult themes and potentially offensive language. The story goes like this. Alan Probe is a slovenly pizza delivery boy obsessed with pipe dreams of becoming a master surgeon.