Can christians use sex toys

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Premier Christianity uses cookies Read our cookie policy. A vibrator can certainly make it easier to have an orgasm, and I believe God is pleased when we can find this little gift he has designed for our pleasure and release. A lot of women find orgasms hard to achieve and a vibrator may well help because however diligently your lovely hubby may be working out at the gym he is not going to be able to compete with a battery! However, we need to weigh up the potential consequences and context. It is at its best when it is not just mechanical and a physical release but intertwined with love, romancing, being appreciated and feeling the attentiveness of the other.

Are Sex Toys Really So Bad?

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Should Christians use sex toys? The question came to me from a reader who is unsure of how to feel about the use of sex toys between married couples. This is another topic often skirted past by women's ministry leaders, pastors, and bloggers but it is a valid and important question to explore. Much like self-pleasuring, using sex toys is a complex concept that isn't spelled out in the Bible. The Bible , although eternally truthful, was not written in the 21st century, but long before battery-operated anything was even a concept.

Can I use sex toys?

Is it okay to use marital aids such as dildos or vibrators with your spouse if both are in agreement? The Bible does not speak against it, but they also can be used for evil. We want to know boundaries and we also want to honor the Lord. The Bible does not say anything about married couples using sex toys such as dildos or vibrators. The Bible does not say anything about masturbation , oral sex or anal sex either.
I've recently become a Christian and now I'm praying that my husband will, too. We've had a rocky marriage, but the most stable part of it has been our sex life. Unfortunately, our sex life was pretty adventurous, involving toys and some porn. Now I'm trying to get up the nerve to tell him I don't want to do those things anymore. I'm afraid it'll make him resent my faith and that it'll take away the one point of connection that's been really good for us.