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I want Shigaraki to cum inside me, me fingering his thick sperm out of my pussy, collecting it and when I have enough I want to bath in his nasty juice. So instead of collecting his cum out of your pussy you can get in the cum jar after he shrinks you in size and get the ultimate moneyshot. AU where Naoya is the spoiled heir to the Zen'in Co. Also, "take what's yours" was the tagline for season 1 lmao words : 3. You didn't graduate top of your class from the most prestigious law school in Japan and earn your fearsome reputation as one of the most ruthless sharks currently working in corporate law just to play babysitter to a man your fucking age as he throws a temper tantrum like a toddler.

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The slow, warm ooze into your panties from your tender pussy is incredibly distracting. It makes you press your bare thighs together, entirely too cognizant of the gentle sea breeze coming in from the open back door, playing with the edge of your skirt, and the amount of individuals here you actually want to respect you. This massive house that was rented for the weekend in Southern Japan could house the whole Karasuno team and then some, giving enough room for potential couples to have their own private spaces while anyone still single could double up. Of course Koushi took advantage of your private space, wound up from hanging out with his friends and his old kouhai after a day out in the pretty beachside town before a night time barbecue, taking the downtime between shopping and cooking to whisk you upstairs and pump you full of cum.

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