Dark witch clash royale

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Comparing to the Witch, at Tournament standard, she has pretty similar stats for 1 less Elixir. She is better on offense but worse on defense. The Night Witch can solo kill a Tower. She can kill the entire tower before she dies. She would spawn up to 12 Bats before she dies. Be ready to deal with the bats once she is killed because they would deal a ton of damage If protected.

Night Witch

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The Night Witch periodically summons Bats and also can go to town with her staff. She also spawns 4 Bats when she dies that help clean up. The Night Witch has come a long way since her release. Originally, she was one of the most overpowered cards at release. Night Witch cycle became a viable deck that featured Clone, Rage, and Mirror to create a mass amount of Night Witches. After two nerfs, she was used in Golem decks until she slowly died out. After receiving a buff that increased the number of Bats spawned after her death, she became viable in a multitude of decks.

Night Witch – Basic Information, Tips and Decks

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