Date a live shido x kotori

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Five years prior to the beginning of " Date A Live ", the naive young Kotori was tricked by a mysterious being that turned her into a Spirit. Not long afterward, she was told about the method of how to seal her power by the same being that had given her that power. When everything had been carried out successfully, Kotori, whose power had been sealed, and Shido, who seems to have the ability to seal Kotori's power, both had their memories of that event suppressed. It was not until the present time, five years later, that Kotori personally uses her Spirit powers for the second time in order to save Shido from Kurumi. Kotori is a cute middle school girl with red eyes and very long, light coral-colored hair that is usually tied on both sides with ribbons in a variety of colors called the twintail hairstyle. While wearing white ribbons, Kotori usually wears her school's signature white uniform with a black tie, a short teal-colored skirt, and long black stockings that reach up to half of her thigh. But when she wears black ribbons, her clothes and personality change, as she tends to wear maid-like sleeve clothes, with a black skirt and stockings.

Kotori Itsuka/Relationships

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Shido is Kotori's adopted older brother. Her deep love and care for her brother have been shown many times. However, she treats her brother lowly when she is in commander mode, but clings to him heavily when in little sister mode. Kotori developed her commander mode persona when Shido gave her black ribbons as a birthday present and made her promise to be strong when wearing them since without them she proved to be quite a crybaby. However, when she is wearing her white ribbons or no ribbons at all, she returns to her persona as his younger sister, which proves to be Kotori's true self.