Dragoness x human lemon

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This was the very first request I got, from a dear friend on my other writing blog, the moment I put this one up. People talked about it in the tavern, strangers came to try to hike up to see it, but no one ever came back alive. It seemed your fantasies had grown up with you. So, after breakfast, you set off for the mountain. It soon became evident why no one returned. It was clear that the ascent had killed a disturbing number of people.

dell darling

female dragon harem x male reader - Chapter 1: a run in with the female dragons - Wattpad

This is a one-off special story that I wanted to write as a huge huge thank you to a very generous person who supported me on Patreon and also on ko-fi. Hope you enjoy it! Content: reader is cursed to turn into a more monstrous form at night, and is locked away in a tower, guarded by an ice dragon. Words: Dusk drifted down around the stones of the castle, bringing with it that daily, familiar crawling under your skin.

female dragon harem x male re...

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I then begin my routine by taking a shower in my bathroom good thing that the bathroom still works and with fresh water. I then cautiously make my way around the ruin town making sure I stay within the shadows and narrow spaces for me to hide in. I then find myself in a narrow ally looking out to a road way and several building that are either in somewhat good condition or almost about to fall apart. I then look out from the ally way to see if the dragon is out of sight to my luck it is.