Girl gets pissed on

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Photo Illustration. But recently, one of my best friends texted me with a query that left me at a loss for words. There was a POV video where a girl smiled mischievously after losing a staring contest where the loser had to get peed on. It seemed that my friend had inadvertently stumbled on PissTok, a segment of TikTok in which zoomers purport to have a raging pee fetish. It goes without saying no actual golden showers take place on-camera. I just thought it was funny.

Four Things Girls Don't Want to Ask the Doctor

Why People Like Getting Peed On

It can be a scary prospect, approaching a GP about your health, but how else can we know what's 'normal' when our bodies are growing and changing all the time? Find the answers here. Though it can be hard to pluck up the courage to approach a GP or your family doctor, they're there to help you. You will be able to get confidential advice, and treatment if needed, from a health professional and this is always best to seek out in the first instance if you're having any health worries.

Why People Like Getting Peed On

Chris Donaghue , the author of Sex Outside the Lines. The acclaimed sex therapist isn't opining about the sort of long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses Kevin Costner described in Bull Durham. He's talking about urophilia, otherwise known as piss play or—in the words of an unsubstantiated report that's gotten some ink recently—golden showers.
A good Dom will find a way to cause the sub to desire pleasing the Dom. A Dom, or Dominant, is the protector, mentor, teacher, and lover to the slave. As the protector, the Dom must be a) stronger than the sub, and b) stronger than other people in the life of the sub. This does not mean that he has to be physically bigger or stronger.