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First premiering in , ABC's Lost was more than just a television show, it was a phenomenon. Lives revolved around Wednesday nights as fans eagerly tuned in to see what new island mysteries the survivors would discover next. Though the hit drama was known for its unique premise and frustratingly endless intrigue, it was also known for its series-long love triangle. What is there not to love about the sizzling chemistry between a cocky ex-con man with a troubled past, and a misunderstood woman on the run? Though the show ended in , every fan feeling nostalgic can root for Team Sawyer and Kate by revisiting some of the relationship's best moments. Opening with Kate catching a glimpse of Sawyer naked, fresh from a skinny dip in the ocean, the moment is probably the lightest part of the intense, emotion-packed episode.

Dirty Girl (Kate/Sawyer fic: NC-17)

Kate/Sawyer * Having Sex - Lost video - Fanpop

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Romancing the Cage

It aired on November 8, , on ABC. The character of Kate Austen Evangeline Lilly is featured in the episode's flashbacks, where her brief marriage to a police officer, Kevin Callis Nathan Fillion , is shown. In the present events, Jack Shephard Matthew Fox considers whether or not to perform surgery on Ben Linus Michael Emerson , and is motivated by Kate's claims that if he does not comply, Sawyer Josh Holloway will be killed. This was the last episode to air before a week hiatus, so it was written so that it would fit as a "mini- series finale ", and also had a major theme in the contrast between Kate's relationships with Kevin and Sawyer.
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