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In an era where motherhood is becoming so politicized, with questions roiling about having a career versus staying at home, breast-feeding versus the bottle -- even dinner-time choices are scrutinized -- we decided to ask Iowans to do something simple for Mother's Day:. We asked you to tell us about your mother's generosity. The emails and Facebook posts that rolled in told stories of mothers who gave tremendously of themselves for their children. In one case, a letter-writer said he had to stop, as the tears had started to flow. One mother slipped her wedding ring into her kindergartener's sock to ease a child's fear about seeing her again after the first day of school.

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Enhance your purchase. My Mother, My Son illustrates the power of love and a cruel twist of fate. Little did they know that her dream would end with a disease that had become an integral part of his livelihood. All of the profits from this book are being donated to the Potato Soup Foundation and the Alzheimer's Association.

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Love, not hate, saves both mother and son, and offers a lesson for us all in these stricken times. In the stories below, mothers and sons do not always prevail over the obstacles, but for most, it is love that illuminates the path to redemption. Maternal love is the elixir, of sorts, for the grief that can too often define the stories of our lives. In this narrative, a son is trying to grow into a man, and his mother, forced to carry the burden of the strong Black woman, struggles to release the reins for fear that her son is not ready to face the harsh repercussions of an unjust world. When his mother finally loosens her tight grip, the son learns that being a Black man in America requires more pain than he anticipated.
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