New zealand nude rugby

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The New Zealand Rugby Sevens team claimed some more silverware for the trophy case with a Cape Town sevens win over South Africa - and celebrated in what is becoming a trademark way for the Kiwis. The trend was started by Kiwi star Kurt Baker and he has got his kit off several times after big wins in the past. But to celebrate veteran Sam Dickson's 50th sevens tournament, he had the honour of nuding up and climbing aboard Baker's shoulders. It came after New Zealand won the tournament with a hard-fought win over South Africa in the final of the tournament. Baker started posing in the buff back in when he basically stripped off after each of the Kiwis wins with photos going to social media.

Tackles, props and balls as nature intended

Video: Nude rugby in Dunedin | Otago Daily Times Online News

Rugby fan Wendy Gomersall heads south for a rugby tour of New Zealand and discovers the naked ambition of the locals. But there I was in New Zealand one winter morning cold enough for snow, watching a fiercely fought match, both sides breathless with the effort, pink-faced, sweating — and totally starkers. Well, except for their socks and boots, of course. The Nude Rugby International is played in Dunedin, the second-largest city on South Island, by students and organised, appropriately enough, by Bottom Bus, a company specialising in tours and rugby excursions, began as a celebration of national nude day. Rugby — nude game for charity or cup-deciding international final — is not a matter to be taken lightly for New Zealanders. Of course, the tournament — 48 matches played in 13 cities, culminating in the final in Auckland on October 23 — will be a nationwide showcase of everything this marvellous country has to offer. The Real New Zealand festival will be one enormous party, with more than 1, events reaching well beyond the centres hosting teams and games.

Dunedin goes green for the Irish

Green is the new black in Dunedin. Dunedin, normally conservatively Scottish, has uncharacteristically splashed out on a brand spanking new roofed stadium just in time for the Rugby World Cup. Broken out the blarney big time.
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