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The Nifty Erotic Stories Archive is, according to a recent article, "a web resource that comprises a vast collection of erotic fiction involving alternative sexualities mostly gay male, but also bestiality, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender. It started as a personal archive of both pictures and stories made available to the public via anonymous FTP at CMU by student and, later, staff member Chris. In the archive was taken over by the current archivist, David, who categorized the stories and eventually created its current web incarnation. It soon became one of the largest collections of RPS, with more than 1, boyband stories alone, some of which were several megabytes of plain-text in length. The archive was popular fodder for the Weeping Cock community on Livejournal. Jump to: navigation , search.

The Best of Nifty

The Best of Nifty

New Stories Publish a Story. Announcements Newest Stories — the Nifty Archive always welcomes new authors and new or revised stories. Jul : Jim has donated in honor of Vic James. Jul : David has donated in honor of NPhillyDogg. Jun : John has donated in honor of Eric Muphy. Jun : Howard has donated in honor of Drusilla. Jun : Kyle Weaver has published Slip of the Tongue.

Nifty Erotic Stories Archive

The quality of the stories varies widely, however, and The Best of Nifty list was set up as a readers' guide pointing to some of the best stories posted at Nifty. It has since been expanded to include other sites where excellent stories can be found. We hope this list adds to your enjoyment of reading on the Web. Gay Authors.
Nifty Erotic Stories Archive , also known as nifty. The site collects LGBT stories, straight stories and bisexual and lesbian themed stories by amateur writers as well as "General Erotic and Educational Information", [3] [4] with stories categorized by theme and subject matter such as "first time", "interracial", fan-fiction , missionary experiences , [5] and other categories. As of November 23, , the site contains over 71, stories.