Oral sex muslim

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Sex is an important factor when it comes to human relationships, especially marriage. What actually does the Quran say about oral sex? Is it Haram? Is it allowed?

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Oral Sex and Islam - RABAAH PUBLISHERS : Independent UK Publisher

However, in a response to the controversial claim, a popular Muslim televangelist in Turkey offered an opposing view, saying Islam permits oral sex. Unlu said the Quran does not have verses that stipulate such ban on oral sex. So, how can [Demircan] say that it is haram? What is your source? We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you personalized advertising.

Oral sex and the Islamic point of View

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Many took his comment in light of him being Muslim and thus sharing the Islamic point of view. Whilst Twitter may not be the platform to discuss fiqh, Imams like Suhaib Webb who is known to answer matters of fiqh via Snap chat came to respond to questions that subsequently arose, from whether oral sex is permitted and outlining that a Muslim woman can divorce on the grounds of sexual dissatisfaction. Khaled HAS to say this.