Pisces and gemini sex

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This is one of those combinations where their compatibility is usually a little bit on the low side. Being that Pisces is a water sign and Gemini is an air sign, this is not usually considered a very good combination. They do happen to have some traits that can bring them both closer to each other. Both of them are very resilient, and are able to tolerate a lot. As well both of these signs truly love to be very social and outgoing. On the other side of things there are some qualities that are very different between the two of them.

Pisces Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility: Love, Sex, and Chemistry

Gemini & Pisces Zodiac Sign Compatibility, According To Astrologers

For instance, Gemini is outgoing, energetic, and loud, while Pisces is shy, sensitive, and calm. When it comes to love, Pisces are romantic dreamers who believe in the idea of soulmates and being with that one perfect person for them. Gemini, on the other hand, tend to find the concept of soulmates illogical. And yet, despite their obvious differences, a Gemini-Pisces relationship can work. They like having healthy boundaries set out at all times, unlike Pisces who wants to jump headfirst into boundless love and completely merge with their partner.

Gemini and Pisces: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

It is true that this couple can start out with a good bond. At least it is a bond promising for a stable friendship. Romance is a far different matter.
They can be attracted to each other due to the fact that they are ruled by Mercury and Jupiter, the same planets that rule their opposing signs. If they meet after these numerous disappointments, Gemini will not find Pisces very attractive, for they will no longer have any childish energy or charm. If their sex life is supposed to be functional, both of them will have to find a way to be a bit more grounded than they normally are. Gemini will have to realize the truth behind their own emotional nature and give in to true intimacy, while Pisces will have to accept the differences of their partner instead of searching for a soulmate with predefined qualities. Trust is already a weak spot in almost every relationship these two can have and when they get together, there is a chance they will have no idea how to create any trust between them.