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Sometimes, a song is so steamy , the only logical next step is a super-sexy music video. For that, we can thank trailblazers like Prince and Madonna, who established the right to show a little skin in music videos like "Kiss" and "Express Yourself. It became a sort of guilty pleasure, listening to a great song while watching a hot person do hot-person things like make out with someone equally good-looking, move their hips like no one was watching, and wear an outfit so tight you wonder how they got it on in the first place. You could spend hours watching gorgeous celebrities pour suspiciously watery milk on their Spandex-bound bodies we still love you, Fergie! And, if we're being honest, we have spent hours watching that and we still love you, Fergie. If you love losing yourself and, you know, several hours of your day in a good sexy music video marathon on YouTube, then you have most definitely come to the right place.

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Music Raiser. The definition of words like popularity and celebrity has rapidly changed in the 21st century. With the start of a new digital era and social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter and video sharing platforms like YouTube, anyone with enough talent can live a celebrity-like life. In this article, we are covering the 20 Hottest female YouTubers, who have earned a special space in the platform.
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