Tantric sex retreat

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Our fully free and flexible cancellation policies keep you secure in case you change your plans Learn more. Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Available from December to January. Santorini 00, Greece. Oct 1 - 5,

Couples Tantra Retreat in the Blue Mountains

Tantra Retreats & Yoga - Expectations, Neo Tantra - Guide

Tantra retreats are enjoying a real surge in popularity at the moment as more people get curious about this ancient esoteric tradition from the east. They see their yoga teachers gush about tantra retreats on social media. Their best friend comes back from a weekend retreat looking relaxed and perhaps a little younger. Even your favourite yoga and wellness magazine s are talking about Tantra. So what is all the fuss about?

Tantra Retreats for Couples

Strengthening your relationship has never been more alluring. These luxury retreats around the world aim to build intimacy and communication between couples , using techniques varying from the ancient wisdom of Tantra, to fertile natural landscapes, to five days of complete darkness. Group couple and private couple retreats are offered, which focus on everything from conflict resolution to exploring erotic fantasies, to gender role expectations.
It started in Australia last summer when, under the influence of a few too many drinks, I booked a yoga retreat. As a yoga novice, I was mostly — innocently — keen to perfect a new skill. A South Asian philosophy that emerged between and CE, tantra has become synonymous with sex in the West. Hardcore followers, however, will insist sex is only a small part of the doctrine.