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August 25, by Hung Nguyen. Apparently—chewing gum has been an effective way for many to stay awake during their workdays. To be honest, I used to just smoke or snack to make it through finals or complete long drives home to visit family. But as I got older and gained some weight , I went looking for healthier alternatives. And it really does work!

Sleepy Kitten Tries to Stay Awake!

MRW I try to stay awake in an am class - Meme Guy

As each semester rolls around there always seems to be a class or two that sounds interesting enough until you see the time of the class. As someone who has had at least one evening class every year for the past four years, I have learned the ins and outs of managing an evening class. Somehow it always magically lined up that the day of my night classes was also the day that I would also have classes start at am and run practically through, with the exception of an hour or so break between, until my evening class. Take for instance this semester.

16 Adorable GIFs of Dogs Right as They Fall Asleep

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