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Vasectomy Psychological Issue

Does Having a Vasectomy Lower Sex Drive?

Introduction: Men who are considering vasectomy as a means of contraception may have significant anxiety about their future sexual potency. As a result, couples may choose other forms of contraception with lower efficacy. Aim: We sought to determine the relationship between vasectomy and the frequency of sexual intercourse. Methods: We analyzed data from cycles 6 to 7 of the National Survey of Family Growth to compare the frequency of sexual intercourse of men who had undergone vasectomy with men who had not.

Sex is better after a vasectomy… here’s why!

Almost all men fear the idea of having surgery anywhere near their genital regions. However, it is important to understand that vasectomies are generally less painful than surgical options for the woman, and they are also less expensive with fewer complications. Patients are recommended to ask questions and consult doctors about any risks and concerns in order to relieve anxiety.
In the United States, over , men have vasectomies performed every year, and over million men have undergone vasectomy worldwide. Despite how common vasectomies are, misconceptions and uncertainties about the procedure still exist, and patients frequently are concerned about sexual side effects of the procedure. Men often do not understand what a vasectomy entails and may fear that, not only could it adversely affect their testicular function and testosterone production, but worry that it could also alter their sexual performance.