Wife doesn t initiate sex

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Men, are you tired of always being the one who initiates sex all the time in your relationship? Do you wonder why your woman never makes the first move or puts her hand down your pants? Well, let me warn you — there are times and places to ask your woman that legitimate question: Why? But I promise you Try bringing it up respectfully over dinner when she is not so exposed — literally — or feeling fragile.

5 Reasons She DOESN'T Initiate Sex (And How To Change Her Mind)

My beautiful wife of 25 years never initiates sex

Among all the male vs. This is why of the many reasons couples seek counseling , often sex related problems are involved. This leaves men feeling that even after years of marriage they still have to be the ones to pursue sex and convince their wives to be intimate. And when she comes on to you and initiates it makes you feel wanted, attractive, and like a man.

Your Wife Never Initiates Intimacy? Find Out How To “Fix” Her

Your sex life is good hell, it may be great. Initiating sex usually falls on you. Why do some women hardly ever make the first move, and how should you bring up your desire? Nicole Prause, a sex psychophysiologist and neuroscientist and who studies arousal and orgasms , suggests the disparity may be less about traditional societal biases and more about the fact that women get aroused differently than men — and may need a little help getting started. Family therapist Jill Whitney agrees.
If your wife never initiates intimacy, the most important thing you need to do is figure out if this is a real problem for you or not. In other words, if you are in a strong marriage with great communication , you can easily talk to your wife about how you feel about your intimacy together. In this article I will break down the reasons why your wife never initiates intimacy and things you can do to help her understand why this is important to you. Lastly, I will share with you a proven method to turn on your wife and to make her initiate sex more often.