Women with hairy boobs

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Women spend thousands of pounds during their lifetime removing body hair. Whether it's shaving armpits, waxing legs or plucking eyebrows, the trend for smooth, fuzz-free skin persists. But hair can often grow in unexpected places. This is particularly true as our bodies mature or if we have underlying hormonal changes and problems. Nipple hair is common, in fact, hair pretty much anywhere is perfectly normal, so try not to panic.

Is it normal to grow hair on your nipples and breasts?

Hair on Your Breasts or Nipples Is Normal: Why It Happens, What to Do

It may have sprouted as a teen or could crop up later in life. Here's what you need to know:. Just in case you need it confirmed: you're totally not alone here. So, before you start panicking that your body is different to other peoples', just know that most of your female friends probably have hairy nipples too. Aside from the fact that it grows naturally, you may notice more nipple hair during certain periods of your life, explains Dr Claudia.

Is it normal to have hairy nipples?

This is why our bodies are naturally covered in hair. Some of that hair is thin and almost transparent, kind of like peach fuzz; some of it is thicker, longer, or coarser. Sometimes wiry hairs pop up alone on different parts of our bodies, like your chin or — you guessed it — your boobs.
Over the years, thanks to falsified body ideals, women are expected to be this hairless vision of beauty. But, for a lot us, this perception is troubling. Most women are not hairless, and some of us are even a little too hairy. In that context, nipple hair is the undisputed top contender.