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Jordan Howard, Howard Realty Group

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Jordan Howard of Howard Realty Group (HRG) has been in the real-estate business  for seven years. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the Eli Broad  Business School at Michigan State University and is an officially-licensed  real-estate salesperson in Michigan. Jordan enjoys meeting new people and  building relationships.

HRG is a full commercial real-estate company located  in Clinton Township, MI, doing business all over Michigan and Ohio. HRG  represents buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants and manages commercial  properties. Currently, HRG manages more than one million square feet and  more than 200 tenants. HRG also specializes in finding investment properties  for clients and helping to arrange financing. With their large business  portfolio, HRG has developed relationships with many local businesses and  brokers who help them find the best properties, tenants, financing options,  and so on for clients.