Setting Smart Goals

In order to manage performance, supervisors and employees need to start by defining goals and objectives to negotiate and communicate expectations. Most authors agree with that premise. An example is Lee, Hu, Tinsley, and Niu (2006) who clearly discuss the link between setting objectives and the performance of employees.

Most consider the words “goal” and “objective” to be synonymous. The definitions from the Oxford English Dictionary use the word “objective” to define “goal” and the word “goal” to define “objective.”

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Entrepreneurs: It’s Time to Set Those Goals!

Happy New Year!

Entrepreneurs should constantly be setting new and improved goals for themselves, and this happens to be just the time of year to start. But we all know that New Year’s resolutions are very easy to make, but the follow through is a lot more difficult. (How is that new gym membership working out for you?)

To help out, I’ve compiled a list of the best New Year’s resolution-setting online articles. The overarching, reoccurring theme is that resolutions should be small and bite size; none of those Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals that business coaches like us to make. BHAG’s are important for the big picture, but entirely unrealistic when working to change day-to-day habits.

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The Award Ceremony: How Goal-Oriented Life Planning Can Change Your Thinking

What do I plan to do with my life? At this point in time that is probably the most common question that pops in to my head. Some may say it is because I am a college student. However, I think that is a normal question for all parts of life, as the answer changes as we grow and experience new things.

To answer this question, we will usually create a checklist of the possible outcomes. Things like safety, financials, a family, and recognition are all taken into account. This can be quite overwhelming, as oftentimes, especially for people like me, it may seem impossible to choose what kind of business I would like to start, what kind of job I would like to have or what kinds of things I want to accomplish, when there are so many choices.

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