Input/Process/Output for Empowerment

Empowerment is a process. As with any other process, it has inputs and outputs. The cyclic process of empowerment cannot be executed without employees, leaders, and systems aligned with the goals of empowerment. Both employees and leaders want to know “what’s in it for me?” and the empowerment process produces results describing that.




Trustworthy Employees
  • Build Trust
  • Communicate
  • Delegate
  • Manage Resources
  • Mentor & Coach
  • Motivate
  • Develop
  • Track Results
  • (Repeat)
Self-Determination: Freedom; Independence; Discretion
Leaders Meaning: Care about the work; Doing something important
Supporting Culture: Processes; Structure; Skills; Style; Systems; Symbols Competence: Confident of their ability; Want to grow
Impact: Active participation; Influence company success

(“Results” from MacShane, 2005, p. 191)

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