How do you Rebuild Trust?

Unfortunately, this is a question that gets asked way too often. It seems that many of us experience situations that break our standing trust with others.

Let’s make sure we understand where trust begins. Trust begins with making yourself vulnerable. That means that you accept the possibility of being hurt. But, because of the individual, or who they represent, we hope that good and desirable things will happen.

Trust is formed using four categories: Reputation, Intent, Credentials, and Experience. We build trust through each of these categories over time. Usually, it takes quite a bit of time to mature real trust.

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How do You Transition from Technology Expert to Supervisor and Leader?

You started a business as a technology expert with the vision of a successful product. You
started all alone. Then, you got to a spot where you have to bring on other people to help you.

So, now you’re a supervisor. News flash – not everybody feels the same way about their work. Supervisors are the front-line presence representing the company to the employees. Things get done because supervisors and employees work together. Continue reading