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These are small towns that have been overrun by bandits offering challenge and reward for those brave enough to clear them out. There is a single alarm, 2 prisoners you can free and a loot room in the center on the second floor. Watch for the snipers in the towers, otherwise this is a simple and straightforward stealth kill mission. There is an alarm on the very South edge of the camp so be wary of that on your approach.

Horizon Zero Dawn Bandit Camps Guide

horizon zero dawn nil bad attitude

However, Horizon Forbidden West will be taking her much farther away from home, where she will encounter new tribes and make new allies. Unfortunately for players hoping to see their favorite side-character come back, a lot of the friends she made in the first game are unlikely to make second appearances. Horizon Forbidden West will have a completely new map and see her facing machines that haven't even been heard of in the East. It's not a journey everyone will be able to make, and not everyone will be up for it.

Cause for Concern - Farewell

To trigger this, you must complete all Bandit Camps. After you clear the last one, this quest will begin. This quest actually involves an NPC named Nil, who you may have met before.
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